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Description: The BRAUN SE 3 420 + Bikini epilator removes hair at the root for a soft result lasting up to 4 weeks. It is even able to tackle shorter hairs…


The BRAUN SE 3 420 + Bikini epilator removes hair at the root for a soft result lasting up to 4 weeks. It is even able to tackle shorter hairs than those caught by wax. It is thus a guarantee of a beautiful skin and a precise hair removal. To achieve this result, this BRAUN epilator is equipped with 20 tweezers but also the SoftLift Tips system. The latter was designed to straighten the hair lying on the epidermis by guiding them to the tweezers. And to see the skin easily, it has the Smartlight function that illuminates all the hair, even the finest. The BRAUN SE 3 420 + Bikini Epilator comes with a really practical accessory. This is the Silk-epil bikini trimmer for the body and face that allows for obtain accurate results on areas that are harder to reach or require precision.

From the manufacturer

Braun Silk-épil 3

Reveals and removes the finest hairs for long lasting smoothness.

Product Features

20-Tweezer System

Gently removes hairs by the root for long-lasting smoothness.


Reveals the finest hairs for thorough hair removal.

Massage Rollers

Gently stimulate your skin to reduce discomfort.

Shaver and Trimmer

Easy and safe hair removal in sensitive areas like the underarm and bikini line.

5 Reasons to Choose Epilation Over Wax

1. Braun Silk-épil epilators remove 4x shorter hair than wax. Never wait for hair to grow between appointments again.

2. Braun has a range of Wet and Dry epilators so you can epilate in the bath or shower. With regular use in water epilation becomes virtually painless.

3. It is much more cost effective than waxing. A Braun epilator pays itself off after just 6 months, compared to regular salon visits.

4. Epilation is easy and efficient. There’s no mess or sticky wax to clean up.

5.There’s no need to schedule salon appointments. Epilators can be used anytime, anywhere.

How to Epilate: Tips for Beginners

Evenings are the best time for epilation, after exfoliating in a warm shower to reduce ingrown hairs.

Hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle to your legs, gliding it in an upward motion against the direction of hair growth. There’s no need to press down too hard, just lightly touch the epilator on the skin. Braun Silk-épil 3’s massaging rollers help to minimise discomfort, and with regular use epilation becomes virtually painless.

Apply body lotion for the best results and get set to show off super-smooth skin.

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