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Matcha Chocolate With Raspberries

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Description: Handmade White Matcha Chocolate
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The delicate taste of this handmade white matcha chocolate is made possible by a combination of Moya Matcha Daily, raspberries and cocoa beans butter. ?We love this chocolate for its pronounced ?matchaness?. ?The taste of matcha is not overwhelmed by superfluous sweetness. The chocolate artisans of the La Naya factory spare no matcha in production of these fabulous looking bars. The wild raspberries give this chocolate a subtle fruity aftertaste known to those who have tried our popular matcha cheesecake recipe. Of all the matcha chocolates available and produced with our matcha we fell the most in love with the stunning La Naya chocolate and its with great pleasure that we share them with you. ?All ingredients in this unique matcha chocolate bar are certified organic and gluten-free. La Naya is a boutique chocolate factory located 20km outside of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. ?All chocolates produced by La Naya are 100% certified organic. ?Other chocolates produced by La Naya aside of Matcha chocolate with raspberries include: Coffee & roasted coconut flakes, Strawberries, cinnamon & chili, Pistachio & cocoa nibs, Honey & bread crumbs, Orange & juniper.